Creator's Credits

Additional Contributors

Web Page, Graphics & League Design

The Registry's initial HTML layout and Graphics were compliments of Justin "Crystar" Blair for CryTech Designs. With all new automation, new branches to the league, and of course the new flavor that we added to the playing style, The Registry deserved its own unique look.  Along with the new look, it seemed that the way the league was ran needed to be altered, and thus The Registry became the brainchild of Crystar.

Coding & Automation

The awsome new DataBase and automated pages are all compliments of Charles "Surn"  Fettinger  from the old Shadow Rat Muraders. With the thought in our mind of what killed the old Registry we decided that we needed automation. The trick was to find someone with enough practice in database creation to do this work. Surn was the man for the job. After seeing what happened with TKZ's automation not running it's self enough, we decided to program the new automation to virtualy run it's self (with a little help from the people who play it). With the voting booth, text and voice chat forums, customizable pages and autoemailer, the players basically run the new Registry . Not to mention a RPI  player ranking system that is the first of its kind for any online league.

Through time Charles has asked contributors to provide necessary graphics, html, and the like and has become an expert at online automation.  When noone is available to contribute Charles himself takes on the task.  The Registry now tracks usage and is run just like any multimillion dollar website.

The Man Behind The Plan

Chris "Polaris" Lawer had an idea to revieve The Registry from its death.  He steped up to take over the project started by Knockmore so long ago, bring The Registry back to being the best. Bringing the oldest back to being the best didn't look like an easy job, but with time and the right help the leageue found it's way back to Kali in greater effect then it left. To keep up with the latest and greatest league he got together with Crystar and Charles and together brought The Registry back to the top to be crowned as the greatest Mecha League ever.