There are two types of Solaris (non-planetary) games in the Mechreg. First, all players are considered gladiators, and may build a mech using money earned in battle to compete in SolarisVII.  Solaris VII combat is One on One combat that is recorded for competition to see who is the best at single combat on the Registry. A Solaris VII match can take place any time between two ppl in the Solaris tournament for that quarter.  Both players must be registered members of the Registry. Fights can take place anywhere but usually take place on the ZONE .  Once an opponent accepts, then you may fight. Please make sure you have their REGISTRY User name before combat.. If you do not, the score cannot be reported. Scores are stored in the DB, and a winner is determined at the end of the quarter. TheMatch is a single fight untill 1 Pilot has 5 kills ( more if all players agree).

After the battle is conducted please
report it at the Reports page.

The second type of non-planetary combat is a general category called Solaris. Solaris combat can be between up to 10 players. Team and Free For All battles are available.

Dualaris will be the same as Solaris except it is 2v2.  The battles go until one TEAM has 10 kills(more if all players agree) .  The game should be set for team play.

Trilaris will be the same as Solaris except it is 3v3.  The battles go until one TEAM has 20 kills(more if all players agree) .  The game should be set for team play.

Quadaris will be the same as Solaris except it is 4v4.  The battles go until one TEAM has 30 kills(more if all players agree) .  The game should be set for team play.

Pentaris will be the same as Solaris except it is 5v5.  The battles go until one TEAM has 40 kills(more if all players agree) .  The game should be set for team play.

Rules & Combat Procedures

Battles will be conducted like this.. There is one battle, and the first with 5 kills on either side is the winner of the battle.  The RPI Ranking System will be used to figure the value of the battle. Lets call the RPI Ranking "Honor" for simplicity. 

Once war is accepted YOU MUST fight that war!

You can challenge any player from the Players Directory . They do not have to accept.. and do not receive a loss unless they agree to fight. ( you do not receive a win if they refuse ) If there are repeated battles with the same 2 mechwarrior, and the same person is the victor each time, after the 5th one those battles MAY be brought to the Councils attention for investigation of cheating or honorless fighting. This is to keep people from only challenging the Warriors that they know they can beat.  Keep in mind, the losing player will lose Strength points and each successive battle will do less to increase the victors glory, honor, strength, and RPI ranking. 

Battles can be on any terrain, condition ,Mech CUSTOMIZATION level, or tonnage.  ALL VARIABLES EXCEPT NUMBER OF KILLS are negotiable between the players.   The Default is C4, any tonnage.


RPI is composed of 2 basic elements.  First, RPI Schedule Strength (Honor)  is the average drop Strength Modifaction of your drops for the quarter.  Second,  is your percentage of victories. Until you have played 6 drops in a quarter, your RPI victory percentage is not calculated and only RPI Strength is shown.

Each Registry player has a Schedule Strength rating for both planetary and solaris combat.  This Strength ranking reflects the type of opponents the player has fought and how well the player did against these opponents.  The RPI system uses this strength rating as 70% of the RPI for the player.  The remaining 30% is based on the Percentage of victories the player has accumulated. The Top 25 RPI Ranked players should be respected, feared and looked up to.

Player Schedule Strength is somewhat complicated. It basically shows how strong your opponents have been and how you did against them.  The maximum Strength is about 60.  This would mean you have played and defeated the strongest players in the league while they had the advantages. IF anyone gets a Strength rank close to 45, you should be very impressed. If you have a good strength rank and lose, it will fall only slightly.  The Strength score from each drop is completely separate from whether you win or lose. Don't be afraid to play.  Each time you drop to a battle, the automation calculates your Strength Modification for that drop. The Automation then averages in this value to your accumulated Schedule Strength.

When adjusting the Schedule Strength rating after a battle, several factors may increase or decrease your rating.  These factors are shown below :

#Relative Player Percent Victory 15%
Relative Mech Tonnage 25%
Relative Player Rank 5%
Relative Player Strength 25%
Relative Battle Kills 30%

*Relative refers to the differance between Players

# A constant is used for each player that has less than 6 drops in the quarter

**A small RPI Strength Bonus apply for Planetary battles

*** A Bonus for the number of drops played is directly added to RPI to reward active players. 1/2 (.5) point is added after every 10 drops played. Thus 20 drops = 1 bonus RPI point.

Higher or lower honor (Schedule Strength) points are partially determined by the tonnage of your mech. If you both use the same size Mech then it is considered an even battle. If you choose a Mech of smaller size than your opponent you will gain extra honor if you win..

EXAMPLE:  You take a Warhammer (80 tons) and your opponent takes a Direwolf (100 tons).. If you win, you would receive extra honor for the win. If you lose you may also gain honor depending upon how close the battle was and the strength of your opponent.

*Note- We have added automatic ranking of non group players.  This rewards good players, and balances RELATIVE RANK when schedule strength is being modified after a fight.

  • Your "Solaris VII" rating is determined by your RPI rating for that quarter.. your Win/Loss ratio is taken care of by the automation, as is your honor and kill ratio.. To figure out the Bookie odds,  players RPI's are compared and the automation generates odds.  These odds only apply to Solaris VII Gladiator matches.  Any player in the league can wager thier player bank on the out come of Gladiator matches.  See the Review Challenges link.
  • Note . . a Match is a single fight until 1 person has 5 kills ( or more if all players agree).
  • Further explanations are available in the Chat room CLASS ROOMS area

The ratings will be updated on the Standings Page as information is aquired. So check them often. The "Top 5" players on the Standing will recieve rewards at the end of the term, and the Top 15 mechwarriors on the list will be added to the "Solaris Hall of Fame ".

For you to earn rewards for your Unit, you must have fought at least 6 Matches. If you do not meet this requirement then you will not be eligible to win rewards for your unit if you belong to one. Remember, if you have not fought 6 Matches, no reward C-Bills ( Even if you are listed on the "Top 5"). No guts no glory! Further, Unaffiliated players ( on team ANY )will gain respect, and rank,but will not be coun ted when rewarding groups.

Rewards are awarded on 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 10/1.

Player's Solaris Ranking Team Gets
--------------------------------- -----------------------
Number 1 Overall 20,000 cBills
Number 2 Overall 16,000 cBills
Number 3 Overall 12,000 cBills
Number 4 Overall 8000 cBills
Number 5 Overall 4000 cBills
Not Aligned with a Team RPI Honor & Promotions