About The Registry



The Registry was originaly created by Knockmore in 1995 to create a place for those players on kali who enjoyed playing Netmech to play in an organized fashion in a large scale RISK type game. Since that day so long ago The Registry has been automated, re-organized, and re-fit to operate as the perfect League for MechWarrior  and any other mecha game we want to be used . This conversion was handled by Surn who singlehandedly wrote the critical areas of the Registry from scratch.

At the leagues heart is one and only one goal: Create the perfect place for mecha gamers to play and have fun.

Unit Types:

Clan- Clans are teams that choose to role-play the Battletech Clans. They are territory holders and one of the 2 prime combatants. They are a major class.

House- Houses are teams that choose to role-play the Inner Sphere houses. They are territory holders and one of the 2 prime combatants. They are a major class.

Mercenary- Merc are minor territory holders and rarely a prime combatant, and keep there mechs in inventory unless on sentry duty for an employer. When a merc unit changes employers, any mechs they may have had down on planets are automatically lifted back to there inventory list.

Pirates- Pirates operate like Mercenary but have slightly different abilities.  They can be hired, and contracted, but can offer different services. See the raids rules for further details.

Combat Types:

Solaris and Solaris VII (the Gladiatorial A rena)-  major areas of interest for many warriors in the entire Registry. This is the Individual competition Ladder. On Solaris you battle other players, but here your victory or defeat has monetary value! Your battles are recorded on our web page to determine your Solaris ranking. Solaris ranking is determined by an RPI points system determined by the ranking of the player you fought, who won, and your existing RPI, what type of mechs were used, and other relevant factors. Exact details on Rewards, and Ranking are listed in the Solaris VII arena .  Solaris also has a gladiatorial arena for Registered players.  Here you can play to win more league resource points (money), and other players can bet on who the winner will be! Further, you get to design and build mechs for use it the arena right here on the Mechwarrior Registry Website using the resource points you have earned in combat.

Team Ladder Competition- a more complex version of organized combat, then that of Solaris VII.  It is structured more like a large RISK™ style game, instead of One on One combat. Clans and IS Units alike, keep track of C-Bills to build their Mech's, Planets, and Manage there teams. The goal of this area of the Mechwarrior Registry is to overtake the capital world of the opposing side.  The clan home world of Strana Mechty and the Inner sphere homeworld of Terra are the primary targets of this war for control of the galaxy.

League Government:

Governing structure is composed of up to 4 representative from each of the House/Clan/Mercenary units. They vote on the outcome of events, and so on, using the League voting poll. They are known as the legislative branch of government

One non-leaders will represent the executive branch as a President type roll (This position is appointed or held by League managers and is not voted on). Currenty, Surn is the President.

Up to three Lords who are the overlord of thier respective type of unit.  The clans have an Ilkhan, the Houses have a First Lord and the Mercenarys have a Merc Lord.  These leaders help coordinate the battle for control of the galaxy!

The President currently appoints the following assistants:  Two Assistant Administrators who help with league issues, settling disputes and answering questions, and who further fill contracts for the freeworlds of the league so that mercenaries can help defend these planets from our many clans and houses.  Two Galactic Commissioners who help organize the defense of the unoccupied planets in the league and run battles that might otherwise be defaulted. One New Teams Liason officer who helps get new groups up to speed on the automation and rules and who also helps recruit new teams. All of these players are listed on the Contributors screen.

Battle Procedure:

See the RULES page.