Player's Bill of Rights


Player's Bill of Rights

Section: 1 Code of Conduct Rules

1.Treat your opponent with the same amount of honor as you treat your friend.

2. Rules are designed for the pleasure of players and leaders alike. The league reserves the right to reverse any action performed by any leader that interferes with the spirit at which a rule was written. The league exists for the purpose of league play of Mechwarrior 4 and it's further squeals not for a selected few to play the league.


2a. The League will not tolerate any bending and/or making up of rules, for the purpose of trying to force these on another unit or person, by refusal to continue a drop or battle, by lying and trying to pass these off as actual rules ect…

3. When at a battle each member represents its unit and leader. Your action at these battles will reflect on your unit. While you are not at an organized league function you will personally be responsible for your action, such as normal chat. We know leaders cannot be on all the time so members have to take the responsibility for their action. Leaders, because you set the example, will always be held with standards of conducts above your members. What you do will always reflect on your unit.


3a. Foul language of any kind directed at any other Mechreg member in a slanderous or derogatory way is prohibited, this includes any foul language, or slang of various cuss words and ect… but does not include various Clan and IS terms for each other such as free birth as this would interfere with role-play in the league.


3b. Any member found to have knowingly interfered with an Admins investigation of an issue, by lying, falsifying screen shots ect…especially to the purpose of trying to hide your own or someone else’s wrong doings and/or cause further issues and problems in the league, shall be subject to up to and not excluding 5th violation penalties depending on the severity of the violation. This is a VERY serious violation and will not be tolerated any more then section 1:4 of these documents.

4. Cheaters will not be allowed. Cheating is but not limited to dropping packets purposely, knowingly using any Mechwarrior 4 bug to your advantage (the Mechreg Rules have many of these listed), illegally configured or hacked mechs. Any person or unit caught willingly using any cheat shall be subject to up to and not excluding 5th violation penalties depending on the severity of the violation. This is a VERY serious violation and will not be tolerated any more then section 1:3b of these documents.

5. You also are held accountable for any federal, state, or community laws of your area. The Registry will not support any criminal activities such as but not limited to nuking, hacking computers, computer viruses, or mail bombing. If it is brought to the league attention that someone is participating in any of these acts that person will be banned for life, the unit could be fined, and may seek legal action. Please think before you ask the League to take action on matters of this nature because of the severity of the results. The League does not wish to be part of a misunderstanding of this degree.

6. Spies are not desirable for this league or any other league. This league is for players so the less the league has its hand in unit dealings the more players can play. Spies will not be regulated and is up to the leaders of the units to find ways to avoid critical information from ending up in their opponent hands.

7. Spam is a better food than an action. The use of emails of the Registry, and its other forums is for official reason. They can be used for reason such as initiating talks between units or for the league to send out mail about changes in the league. People spamming leaders and/or units by league means, will receive fines for the mass spamming. There are plenty of ways for Leaders or member to spread a message.

8. Leaders are responsible for fair and proper rotation of personnel through out a battle. A leader suspect of this unfair practice is not keeping with the spirit of the game and may cause the league to fine the unit or default the battle to the other unit.


9.If any player has Personal issues with any player in the league and does not wish to play against that player in the league this should be made known to the co-ordinators,so that the drops can still be run in the best manner available,any refusal once the drop has been set will be a COC violation

Section: 2 Suggestions and Dishonorable

1. Remember to always communicate your intention. These are chat rooms and cut out about 50-75% of what people use to communicate. We also have few ways to filter out how we say something and whom it is directed to. Ways to prevent misunderstanding here could be applying ASCII facial statement. : ) smiley face, ; ) wink face, : ( sad face. Also to display sarcasm you should place (J/K) which stands for Just Kidding. Little stuffs like this make some big difference.

2. Try to never insult a person's honor. Many people take this very serious and if you insult this you may inadvertently cause some real problems. Though it is not suggested but if you feel the need to insult that person honor remember to state you are just role-playing. In essence if you do not know the person and how they will take it, it would be best to treat them as you would your own mother.


3. Droping out of and forfeiting a drop, while being your free choice is considered a very dishonorable act to many people, due to that and the problems it causes for any Admins to try to resolve issues about that drop it should ONLY be done under the most extreme of circumstances.


4. Legging, while not banned, is considered dishonorable by many people and as such  beware of the personal issues that may arise from it.


Section: 3 Penalty for violation of CoC Rules

First violation:

50,000 RP fine placed on the Unit and Suspension from league activities  for 5 battles for the player.(player must report ready for battle to the admin for it to be counted)

Second violation:

100,000 RP fine placed on the Unit and member suspended from league activities for 10 battles.(any player from the first players team ,not the nessessarily the same player

Third violation:

500,000k RP fine placed on Unit,the loss of one planet(of the players councils choice) and the player suspended .(any player from the first players team ,not nessessarily the same player)

Fourth violation:

Unit put under review for 30 days pending removal from the league,loss of five planets and member ejected from the league..(any player from the first players team ,not the nessessarily the same player)

Fifth violation:

removal of team 


All violation penalties commence from the date of the ruling by the Admin


The league has a no-tolerance policy.  As such the League has a 30 day step down policy, this means that if the unit or member receives a warning they may receive a warning again after 30 days, it also means that if a unit or member reaches third violation that after 30 days they will step down to violation level 2 as the chart below. Basically each violation level corresponds to 1st 2nd ect.. Violation and it is a guideline for how a unit or member will be penalized after time elapsing, and another violation of rules.


Violation level 0 (default no current violations)







As with all things there are extreme cases and circumstances and league Admins may choose to waive using the proper penalty set for an action and violation level, but for such penalties or no penalties to take effect at least 2/3 of league Admins must agree on them.