Section 1: Introduction

Part A: Overview

Skilled Mercenary units with the good luck to be in the right place at the right time can exercise an influence on events in the Inner Sphere and Periphery out of all proportion to their size. The Successor States rely on independent Mercenary outfits as well as their large numbers of regular troops, and mercenaries often provide the only available protection for the powers of the Periphery. Mercenary units vary in size and quality; the best of them are among the most talented fighting units in known space, with skills far surpassing those of the feudal regiments of the Successor Lords.

Mercenaries (or Mercs) are warriors for hire. They typically engage in combat with the goal of amassing fortunes and their loyalties are typically to the highest bidder.

Part B: Operations

Mercenary Units start with one planet in Mechreg. They get 50000 starting Resource Points.

Part C: Purpose

Any Mechreg unit for the purpose of defending or attacking can hire mercenary units. Merc units are paid for their services through C-Bills and how and when it’s done is up to the discretion of the contract. 

Part D: Contracts

Contracts are set up via the Friend/Foe link through Mechreg. To hire a mercenary unit, you must be able to access the Leader interface. Once you gain access, to actually hire the Mercenary, select NEW. Then once the page refreshes, select the Mercenary from the unit list. Next, select the relationship of the alliance as “hired”. Then put in the date of expiration of the contract and select the planet you wish to hire the Mercenary on. Contracts are typically set up for 30-day periods but the content and purpose of the contract is solely up to the employer and the mercenary.

Section 2: Sentry Forces

Part A: What is Sentry?

Sentry is the garrison supplied by the Mercenary for purposes of defending only. This is limited to 15000 resource points per deployment.


Part B: How does a Mercenary post Sentry?

Mercenaries are the only units that can post Sentry Garrison on any planet. For the Mercenary to post Sentry, their employer must hire them so their planet can be accessed. Then the Mercenary must then access their CO Office link and post the sentry in the fields located at the bottom of the link. It looks like this:

Mercs Only

Sentry Garrison Planet:


Sentry Amount:

 15,000 Max.




Part C: Limitations

Mercenary units are allowed to post 15000 points of Defensive Sentry Garrison 4 times per planet. Or a Mercenary unit is only allowed 60000 total Sentry maximum defenses per planet. Sentry can be posted prior to attacks or during a planet attack. Sentry forces are not allowed to be posted during a battle. This must be done prior to the battle engagement. Once the initial 15000 points of Sentry Garrison has been defeated and recognized, the Mercenary may post additional forces up to 3 more times. It is up to the Attacker and the Mercenary unit to keep track of defeated Sentry Garrison. This is easily done as Sentry is the first force (Points) defeated prior to defeating the Sector and then the Planetary Garrison defenses.  

Section 3: Free worlds

Part A: Who hires Mercenaries for these?

 As of now, there is one Galactic Commissioner for Mechreg. The GC has the ability to hire mercenaries for the defense of neutral planets. The limitations of hiring a mercenary unit for the defense of a free world are up to the GC as well as the contract written. The Mercenary can choose to reject or accept any contract they are not happy with.

Part B: Payouts

Payment for Mercenary defenses will be based on the number of planets being defended by the free worlds league. Each planet properly defended throughout the duration of the contract will be paid 50000 RP’s at the end of the contract term or End of Month period. If the Merc is defeated from the planet hired by the free worlds, the payout for defenses will be 10000 RP’s as considered as an upfront payment.  The free worlds will be limited to a maximum hiring of 3 planets per contract per Merc unit resulting in a maximum payout of 150000 per month.

Part C: Jumpgate

The Mercenary is allowed to use the Jumpgate of any hired unit unless it is not part of the initial contract between the Merc and their employer. The Merc is also allowed to use the Jumpgate of the Hired Free world’s planet during the contract terms.

Section 4: Salvage

Part A: Who gets Salvage?

Mercenaries and Pirates are the only units that have a chance of salvage on any sector. All other units have only a chance at salvage when taking over a Capital sector but have to be a successful takeover.

Part B: How is Salvage Earned?

Salvage is earned for a successful battle in which sector ownership is transferred or the successful defense of a planet or sector. ( Salvage is not earned per successful drop! )

Part C: How much is earned?

A.) Merc Units get 1/3 salvage for any victorious battle which at the end of they have RP associated with in the form of, attacking, sentry, sector, and/or planetary RP.


B.) Merc Units also gain salvage for drops played in a victorious battle, which at the end of they have no RP associated with but at 1/3rd of the amount of RP destroyed in the drops in which only their members played in. Example: Merc unit Alpha decides to help I.S. unit Beta in a battle. Merc unit Alpha can gain 1/3 salvage for each successful drop.


C.) It will be up to the unit assisted to pay the mercenary their salvage earned post-battle on Merc assisted battles referenced above as part B.



PART A: Pirate Abilities

  1. Pirate Units may ally hop off ANY planet.
  2. Pirate units may choose to step up or down from the assigned weight class of a planetary or Solaris drop. For each drop down in weight class (C4 to C3, C3 to C1) they may add one extra pilot to their side of the drop. (Example: Pirate Unit X and IS Unit Y are going to do a 3v3 C3 planetary drop, Unit X decides they will drop down to C1 to make it a 4v3 drop) For each step up in weight class they must remove 1 pilot from their side of the drop. (Example: Unit X and Y are doing the same thing but this time X decides to step up to C4 and make it a 2v3 drop
  3.  Salvage is the same for Pirate units as it is for Mercs. 

Part B: Dropships

      1. Dropships will cost 30% less for Pirate units.

Part C: Attacking

      1. Pirates are the only unit permitted to do Raids. They may also be contracted for assaults.

Part D: Hiring

       1. When hiring Pirate units for any tasks, which hired them, are completely undisclosed accept to the Pirate unit and their employer. 

Section 2:

Part A: Pirate Restrictions

1.      Pirates may not use ability 1:2 to step up to or down from C5 or C6. 

2.      Pirates may only use a maximum of 4 of their dropships for planetary assaults and contracted planetary assaults.

Rules created thanks to the Mechreg Team.