Solaris7 Registration all Mechreg Players have the opportunity to sign up for Solaris7.

Currently, we are not charging a registration fee. The league has decided to look for other methods to help pay for the league. So far, this league has been built by myself and other dedicated Mecha lovers, but if we wish to continue the league through Mechwarrior 4,5,etc... the league must be self supporting.

I know some of you may ask.."Why, not use advertisers?" There is a simple answer. The time it takes to find, attract, deal with, and satisfy advertisers is just too high. Plus, they will want to change the whole league for commercial purposes, and I addimently believe that if any advertiser is used, they must produce banners or other advertisements which look, feel and otherwise reflect the fact that this is the 32nd Century.. and mankind is at war..

This is our league.. the players... I am a player, you are a player or you wouldn't be here. With your support, we can keep it like this forever!!

Charles 'Surn' Fettinger

To Register as a gladiator you must first sign in at the Player signin  page. Return here and read the agreement below then hit the Agree button.

We are enabling all new and current players gladiator status.  You must have played at least one non-solaris7 drop before you will have access to your full gladiator abilites.

You Player ID Number is: 0