Solaris7 Rules and Procedures

In general the rules are the same as for the rest of the MechReg (Mechwarrior Registry). There is one key difference. By the time you are ready for the Solaris7 Arena, you are familiar with how a Solaris drop is run. The major difference here is that you must have an IMPARTIAL moderator present when playing a Solaris7 battle.

Solaris7 Moderators:

The Moderator must be a Registered Gladiator. The moderator will earn 10 rp for their time, and while in game assumes the full responsibility for the match. The moderator must take REASONABLE care in watching for any type of cheating. The Moderator is also responsible for enforcing any 'Holds', restarts, hosting of the drop, proper drop settings, how the drop will begin (Hot drop or Formup Drop), how many kills the drop will be played to, and resolution of any disputes. The moderator will decide if a disconnected player (or both players) loses thier current Mech. (Such judgement should be evaluated upon damage level of the mechs and by how much ammo was used.) The moderator will make a final decision as to whether the drop was honorable enough to report, and if so to report it on the Mechreg. If the drop is not deemed honorable, then a replay may be asked for at the Moderators discression.

A 'Hold' can be called by either player for the following reasons: Opponent is lagged out or running in place, joystick/equipement failure, game bugs and glitches, personal emergencies, or to break action while some disagreement is resolved. 'Hold' can be called by the moderator at any time. When a 'Hold' is to be restarted the Moderator calls 'Set' then 'Go!'. When the call for 'Set' is made players can begin to move. Upon 'Go!' players may resume battle. This will eliminate the dishonorable behavior used by some players who call 'hold' then shoot immediately upon the 'Go!' call.

If there ever is a dispute accusing a Moderator of bias, it must be brought to the attention of The Mechwarrior Registry Admin . The admin will resolve the dispute in one of two ways. First, the drop may be nullified, all winnings returned, all loses recovered, and no punitive action taken. The second option is punitive as deemed appropriate, but the losing party will lose Registered Gladiator Status.

Solaris7 Challenges:

Challenges are issued by Registered Gladiators only.  They are not mandatory to play and will expire after 15 days.  Challenges are what everyone in the MechReg bet upon.  The odds are calculated by the automation instantaneously and can be reviewed along with the rest of the challenge information on the Solaris7 Challenges Page. The details of each challenge can only be adjusted by the drops' Moderator, once the challenge is issued.

Solaris7 Rewards:

Solaris7 Matches earn the winner about 3X the rp. winnings of a typical Solaris match. Further, you will recieve a small RPI Strength Bonus just as if you had played a planetary battle. 

Additional Benefits of Gladiatorial Status

There is one additional benefit for some gladiators.  If you are not on a team you can be hired by another registered Gladiator to play on EITHER the defense or offense in planetary battles.

Misc Info

(Resource Points [rp] are created for solaris and other drops by the league to reward pilots for thier victory.  Go buy yourself a beer!)

You can play your matches to any number of kills.

 The Mechbay Barter Skill enables you to purchase equipment at production cost instead or market cost.

Equipment Costs for Mechs and Mech Parts are available in the Mechs & Missions Area.