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Group Information:

How do I create a group, or get my current group to "Active" Status?

Goto http://www.mechreg.org/groupsignup.asp . A list of current groups will display.  If the group you want is not taken or is in 'Waiting' status, you can take control of the group. 

If the group is in 'waiting' status hit the EDIT button and navigate to the group you want.  The groups are form starts with the last group to sign up. Use the '<' button to move backwards through the groups.  When you have found the group, select yourself as the leader and hit UPDATE.  You will then choose planets and the new group will be 'active'.

How do I change my groups basic information?

Use the http://www.mechreg.org/leadergroupedit.asp . There is a button on the leader page called GROUP EDIT.  There you can change anything about your group that you like.

How many members does my group need?  5

How do I take my group from 'waiting' to 'active' status and choose planets?

If your group is in 'waiting'status goto http://www.mechreg.org/groupsignup.asp . Hit the EDIT button and navigate to the group you want.  The groups are form starts with the last group to sign up. Use the '<' button to move backwards through the groups.  When you have found the group, select yourself as the leader and hit UPDATE.  You will then choose planets and the new group will be 'active'.

What are the rules regarding the IlKhan, FirstLord and MercLord leaders?   CLICK HERE


Attacking and Scheduling:

What dates should be used when Scheduling battles?

Y2K compliant dates in the format  mm/dd/yyyy  or 10/25/1999.  Input times as 6:30 PM  . For example, a complete scheduled date would be input as "5/5/2000 6 PM".

How are battles scheduled?

Attackers choose the planet to attack via the movement screen. At that time 3 dates are chosen for possible battle dates. They are before the 10 day battle deadline date and later than 4 days from the day that the battle is created. The defender then schedules the battle a with at least 4 days notice. Defenders should choose from one of the 3 attacker specified dates unless an agreement between the leaders is reached. The only exception is if the battle deadline date is within 3 days. Leaders can then schedule battles within the 3 day limit grace period.

there is also a need for leaders when scheduling a battle to check the open dates if a unit has one battle already scheduled for the dates available choose the next open date.

as an alterative  try to contact the leader of the attackers to see if it would be possible to start the battle say 7.30 pm instead of 6 pm( depending on the RP of the battle already on that date).

Where and when can battles be scheduled?

Battles can be scheduled on any ZONE server. Battles should be scheduled 4-10 days from the day of attack, between 5:30 pm-8 pm PST weekdays or 12 pm -8 pm PST weekends. You should choose one of the 3 attacker proposed dates that is 2 days or more from the day you schedule the battle.   There are some exceptions where leaders can schedule battles within the 4 day limit. If both leaders have reached an agreement, or if the battle deadline date (10 day limit) is within 3 days.

*At any time, your team may now play drops in 2v2 or 3v3 format for one of your teams battles up to the deadline or scheduled battle date.  You must be sure that you know the correct mission settings and you must be certain to report the drop correctly at the DUEL page. Just as a solaris drop the winners report the drop results, including the battleid, drop number, and if it was agreed by both teams to be an EXPRESS format drop.  The scheduled battles dates are now used to finish up the battle.   (This rule is to help teams who are not online during normal battle times and to help leaders and players avoid conflicts with their  RL -real life-) The only proviso is that no one player can play more than 5  of the possible 15 drops in any single battle.

Players need not worry about running out of points or what mechs to use. Leaders will add any overages to the opponent when reporting the battle.  ( for example, if team ABC has 100 points left and team XYZ has -300 points left the leaders will report the battle as ABC 400.0  XYZ 0.0 )

How Do I attack an enemy sector?

In the leaders section there is a button called MOVEMENT . There choose the planet you are attacking from.  The web site will only give links for planets that you can attack from.  Then a new page will allow you to choose the planet you wish to attack.  Finally, a third page will allow you to specify the amount of troops to send and which specific sector to attack.

Remember that you can launch in one attack the following total points:  12000 * the groups # of available dropships.  The Maximum number of dropships a team can have is 6 so the maximum attack is 72,000 points.  EXPRESS BATTLE?

How do I attack through allied space?

First, go to the Movement screen and select a planet to attack from.  Second, instead of choosing a planet to attack, scroll down the web page and choose an ALLY HOP planet.   The ALLY HOP planet will redisplay the page you are on, except the planets within this allied planets range will be displayed to attack.  Choose a planet to attack by clicking on the link on the top table and continue as if it were a normal attack.

This brings up an interesting question.  How do dropships get from your planet to an allied planet that may be out of range?  Drop ships can only travel so far before they have to refuel.  If you attacked an enemy planet that was out of range of 1 drop ship jump, the drop ship would be a sitting duck for aorospace fighters while it refueled for the second jump. Not to mention, the defending planet would have time to fortify defenses when the dropship came with in range. We assume in The Registry that commanders would not launch such a foolhardy attack. 

This is not the situation when you send troops to attack from an allied planet.  You can have drop ships travel across the galaxy to an allied planet, recharging as needed.  Since, drop ships are non-combatant ships in the battletech universe, The Registry assumes that they can move freely as long as they aren't attacking a planet.  Which they are not attacking anyone while on the way to an allied planet.  There is one exception.  Dropships CANNOT travel to an allied planet that is under attack, unless they are attacking a sector that is within range.  This follows the same logic as attacking any other sector.

What are and why does the Mechreg use OPEN battle schedules and ANY Planetary battles?

ANY planetary battles are battles are battles against unowned worlds and sectors.  OPEN battles are scheduled to be fought at any time players are available and the final schedule is used to wrap up the battle.

We want ANY planet battles so that ANY player in the MechReg can get a battle drop in . Even if they are not on a team. This means that if you schedule an ANY battle as the defender and set a scheduled date, then you should allow ANY non-attacking groups players to help defend. If the attacker is using its allies in the attack .. you do not allow the attacking allied group to defend as that would be a conflict of interests.

Open planet battles are to allow more flexibility in the leagues planet battles. Many of the 1400 MechReg players do not operate on Pacific Standard Time. Open battles allow them to participate in important battles. An ANY planet battle should be open to these players, so that they may contribute to the league... Its not only these players that we are concerned about either. Many of us on PST cannot easily make it to scheduled battles. Jobs, families and other responsibilities make it very difficult at times. Open battles are for everyone.


Planet & Sector Resources:

What are the diffent types of garrison and how are they used?

There are three types of garrison.  Sector garrison represents the troops assigned to a specific sector.  In a battle, sector troops are the last to fight. Planet Garrison represents the mobile assault troops.  These are the troops that are launched to attack and take over other sectors in drop ships.  During defense Planetary troops intercept enemy forces before they attack the sectors.  Sentry Garrison are hired troops that are the first to defend a planet.  You must have a contract with a mercenary group to acquire sentry garrison.



Battle Procedures:

How do I report battles, what is the procedure?

There are 2 steps.  First, tell players to report the specific drops at the http://www.mechreg.org/duel.asp page.   It  evaluates the drop and increases pilots statistics appropriately.  Second, the group leader of the winning team reports the overall battle results at the http://www.mechreg.org/BattleReport.asp page. This page is also slow, so be patient and be sure the correct information is input before hitting submit.

All information on the battle results should be confirmed with the leader of the loosing team before the battle is closed.

How do I report battles when one group does not show up?

First off give the other team 30 minutes from the scheduled time before you do anything!!! 

Battles DEFAULTED BY DEFENDERS are reported by subtracting Attacking points from Defending points to determine the winner. (Defending-Attacking) Input the appropriate point values on the http://www.mechreg.org/battlereport.asp and hit SUBMIT

Sectors with 1000 or less RP can be reported as below the min RP for defence

All battles must be reported in order, if a Sector has a battle pending and scheduled then battles launched after must be closed only after the previous battle has been closed (this is to allow all relevant RP values to be calculated)

IF the ATTACKER DEFAULTS, Subtract 1/2 of the attacking points from the defender points.  The attacker then retreats with the other 1/2 of the original attacking points + any excess from the subtraction. Select the DEFENDER as the winner.

Failure to comply will result in Punitive actions. http://www.mechreg.org/Rules.htm#Problems Code of Conduct Section 4

How are other games used in the Registry?

The Default game to be played is MechWarrior3.  If other games are to be used, both groups in the affected drop must agree. Other games can only be used per drop, not for the entire battle. The DEFENDERS have the final say. 

How does the 3 hour time limit work?

3 hours after the battle has begun (not from the scheduled time), all drops should be complete. After 2.5 hours you should not send pilots to fight unless it would significantly effect the outcome or allow the entire battle to be compelled.

How do I find a battle password that I forgot?

For Battles that have not yet been reported, go to the Schedule.asp page.  You can find it there.  Remember these passwords are only for battles that your group can participate in.

How many players from each team can participate in a drop?

The Registry supports both 2v2 and 3v3 drops in battles.  You cannot use 1v1 drops however.  If one team's available points for the battle go negative don't worry.  Play and have fun.  Read below on how to handle that.

Can you further explain the rules how and why planet battles are run?

The leagues intent is to create as many drops for players to participate in as possible.   With this in mind all you need to fight a planet battle is 5 players on each team.  Scheduling of the battle is important, but if both teams have a battle pending and one night happen to have enough WILLING players to fight the battle (or even part of the battle) it is acceptable to do so.  There can never be more than 15 drops in any given battle so use 3v3 and express format drops to use up points if necessary.   So, here is an outline of how the battles should be played.

Each team has 5 players.  One player from each team should have security access to the league ( or know a team member's username and password that does have access.) This 'coordinator' needs access to be able to add players to their team, or report the battle at its completion.  ALL AVAILABLE players MUST play , including the coordinator if their is another qualified leader available.

If there is more than 1000 rp per available player on either side consider using the EXPRESS battle format, and/or  3v3 drops.

After each drop, the players report at the http://www.mechreg.org/duel.asp page.  The leaders get the point information from the http://www.mechreg.org/results.asp page. When one team is out of points the battle is over.  If one team goes negative in points, simply add the negative amount to the opposing teams remaining points. 

 IE.  battle 001  ends with the teams points as  100 and -100 , so report the final score as 200 0 at the http://www.mechreg.org/BattleReport.asp page.



Group Members and Ranks:

How do I choose members?

Use the SELECT PILOTS option from the Leader section. A list of members appears, select the member you want and hit SELECT.

How do ranks affect the league?

Leaders are allowed access to group information depending upon rank.  Voting rights are also dependant upon rank.  There are 20 rank levels.  Rank level 1 is the highest and signifies a group leader.  Rank Level 2 also has complete access to the group.  Rank level 3 are ambassadors for the league and can only vote.  Rank level 4 and below are for players to advance, but do not gain automation access. 

Ranks also affect player RPI ranking.  A high rank player is more valuable to defeat in combat.  If a player joins the league and does not belong to a group, or if you do not assign players rank, they will automatically gain rank up to level 4 ("Ace").

How do I assign Ranks?

Use the PLAYER RANKS link from the Leader section.  The BANISH option removes a player from your group.




How does my Merc group get hired and paid?

Merc groups accept open and direct contracts from the Friend&Foes screen by selecting the contract and clicking the ACCEPT button.    They are paid at the end of the month 25% of thier employers income.  The Employer loses 10% of their income in return.

How do I Assign Sentry Garrison to a Planet? How do I then remove the Garrison?

Use the ResourceManagement  screen. At the bottom of the screen there is a area where you can manipulate the amount of sentry garrison on each contracted planet. The garrison you send comes from your bank account. You remove garrison by decreasing the amount of garrison on planet. If you had 5000 pts on a planet and wanted to reduce that amount, just enter the new amount and the automation will credit your bank account the difference. MERCS CAN ADD SENTRY TO A PLANET AT ANY TIME ONCE CONTRACTED.  EVEN IF THE PLANET IS UNDER ATTACK!

Can my group attack from a planet where we have sentry garrison positioned?

Yes, you can view the planets in range at the UNITMAP screen or from the ATTACK screen (use the ALLY HOP feature.)  All forces will come from a planet you own and hop from the sentry garrisoned planet.

How do I delete/end/break a contract and what are the consequences?

To delete employment go to ResourceManagement and set sentry garrison to 0, then goto Friend&Foe and delete the relation. Your previous employer group will deal with you as they see fit. They may report you at the Conduct (Honors&Dishonors) screen or worse.