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Rules and Overview

The Mechreg is dedicated to fun free gaming. By using our download and upload resources you must comply with all national and international laws. No Illegal contect should be transfered.

We have several resources at your disposal and almost all allow you to contribute to the community of the Mechreg.

ftp://www.mechreg.org  contains images and subfolders used for images and artwork.

ftp://www.mechreg.org/missions/ contains Mission editors and custom missions

ftp://www.mechreg.org/downloads contains Mechreg Created content for you to download and enjoy.  Desktop themes, screen savers, etc..

All of these directories are available via http also.

Mech4, MW4 BK and MW4 Mercs Downloads

Mw4Mercs No CD PATCH - unzip into your mercs directory
Mercs League Settings changer - change between league options while in game
Mech 4 Mercs Maps - Conversions from Mech4 and BK
Mechwarrior 4 Web Site- Microsofts Site
Mech4 Patch 2.0
Mech4 Patch 1.5
Mech4 Patch 1.0

New Maps From Microsoft for Mech4

New Maps and map Editor From Mechreg
Mech Decals

Mech3 Downloads

Mech Config Import Exporting Starter Pack
Mechwarrior3 Snow Fields Map Patch-To use this patch, un-zip the files and copy the readermp4.zbd file into the mechwarrior\zbd\cb4 folder. Please note that this IS NOT a fix supplied by Hasbro.
MechTek Mech3 Cheat Detector- Help Page
Mechwarrior 3 Patch 1.2

http://www.stas.net/mge/downloads.html - NO CD Patch for Mech3- delete mech3.exe first

This is provided with no guarantees from the Mechwarrior Registry- and I personally do not recommend any program that alters the original exe of a game unless it was released by the software publisher.

Mechreg Misc Downloads

Mechreg Desktop Background #1 - For Setting your active desktop to.

Mechreg Desktop Background #2
MechregDesktop Background #3   - Previous and Next links are on background pages for additional backgrounds. There are at least 10 total backgrounds for your active desktop available.
MechReg Pocket PC Themes-Clan, IS, and Merc themes created by Surn!
Mechwarrior Screen Saver (5.3 MB)
Mechreg Complete Desktop Theme   Includes Screen Saver and all other desktop files, 14MB. Mechwarrior Desktop No Screen Saver, 5.6 MB.
Mechreg Desktop Theme 2 No Screen Saver 2 MB. Netmech Desktop Theme No screen saver,1 MB.
Mechwarrior Merc Theme No screen saver, 3.7 MB.
Mechwarrior IS Theme * No Screen Saver, 2.8 MB. (My Favorite) MechWarrior Clan Theme
3062 Star Map PDF

Graphics and Artwork

More Graphics
Misc Page - Whatever may be of interest in the league for future use/
Check Your Connection Speed -connection test
Microsoft Win95/98 Packetloss fix (BETTER PINGS!!)- This improve your connection!
TeamSpeak Software - BattleCom like free software

Unused Registry Web Pages